Direct Online Starter DOL


“Direct Online Starter DOL with Mini MS1 ” is a device used to provide safety for motor from electrical fluctuations.

  • switch ON and OFF motor through mobile phones.
  • It protects the motor from high current.
  • It can run the motor in both 2 phase and 3 phase.
  • Highly thermal resistance.
  • Inbuilt
    • Battery backup.
    • Phase failure protection circuit.
    • Low voltage protection circuit.
    • Phase imbalance protection circuit.
  • It can available in any HP of motors.
  • Dry run preventer.
  • External bulb can switch on/off at particular time.

Pack Contents

  • DOL starter
  • Real Mobile Starter Controller -1 No
  • External antenna with 10feet cable – 1 No
  • 9 Core flexible wiring kit 1metre – 1 No
  • 500mA 3cm Fuse -3 Nos
  • Dry Run Sensor -1 No(Extra Chargeable)






  • In Mini MS1 cell phone motor starter totally 9 mobile number’s can be registered.
  • It sends “Electricity resume” SMS to registered mobile numbers.
  • Pump set can be switch on and off through “Missed call”, yup! no need to spend a penny!!