Govt Water Supply Scheme Automation

Water and energy management system helps to monitor the live status of water supply schemes through web portal(GPRS).

This system helps to provide effective water supply to the city.

Remote terminal unit in each station sends alert SMS to registered mobile number’s for
  • Electricity failure
  • electricity resume with number of phase available
  • Incoming phase failure
  • Low voltage
  • Motor manually On and off
  • Motor Off due to dry run
  • Water level reaches set level 
Remote terminal unit transmits the live parameters through GPRS to centralized monitoring systems like
  • Electricity Availability
  • Total energy consumption (Individual Motor/ kWh)
  • Amps (R,Y,B/A)
  • Phase to phase voltage (RY,YB,BR/ V)
  • power factor (PF)
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • DG set operations (DG total run hours, V, A, Hz, PF, kWh)